Fire and Emergency New Zealand Bulletin – 30 June 2017

Log off for IT systems transfer and your new user details

Please ensure you are logged out of the network and all online applications by 21:00 this Friday 30 June. We will be transferring all IT systems from the current NZFS platform over to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand platform.

The transfer will take place between 21:00 on Friday 30 June and 04:00 on Saturday 1 July.

Operational personnel on duty at this time: You will be able to access applications such as SMS during this time. If you experience any delays or disruptions, please log out and log in again, using your new user name.

Corporate users: Please log off from the network and all applications when you leave work on Friday. You can log in again from 4am on Saturday onwards.

Your new user name & email address

From 4am Saturday onwards, log in using your new user name:

This is also your new email address. Note that new email signatures will be available from Monday.

Your password

If you have previously been using the NZFS network (eg the N, P, and O drives, Citrix, and FireNet), you will need to enter your new login name and then use your existing password.

If you are new to the NZFS network, enter your login name and the password you have been provided with. You will be able to change this password after you have logged in for the first time.

Log in details for applications such as SMS, Approval Plus etc, remain the same.


Answers to FAQs about emails

If someone sends an email after 1 July to my current email address, will I still receive it?
Yes, there is an automatic rule in place to redirect any emails sent to your current email address to your new one. This redirection will be in place for some time but please encourage your contacts to start using your new email address from 1 July.

If I use my user ID to log on to third party applications e.g. Orbit travel do I continue to use this logon or use my new log on?
You will need to continue using your existing userID you have selected for that external system (e.g. to access those third party applications. We recommend that you contact any third party organisation directly to see if you need to change your userID details with them.

If I use SEEMail (Government Secure Encrypted Email), will this be impacted by the changes happening on 1 July?
No, SEEMail will not be impacted and will continue to operate as it does today.

Will the National Command Centre (NCC) email addresses/distribution lists be updated to the new email address?
Yes, all email addresses will be updated to the new and these mailboxes will continue to receive email as they do today.

Will I need to make any changes to the settings on my Android or Windows mobile device to continue receiving my work emails?
No, you do not need to make any settings changes on your mobile device.

Will I need to make any changes to the settings on my iPad or iPhone to continue receiving my work emails?
Yes, you will need to update your mail settings. Instructions on how to do this are available online at (>Day One> People>For employees). It will also be on the Portal from 1 July.


New release date for SMS improvements

Improvements to the Station Management System (SMS) Incident Reporting module have been deferred until 19 July.

SMS will continue to be available but the new rural vegetation incident module, and addition of inspector powers and hazardous substances information is a few weeks away. The later date will allow time for changes to be made, further testing to be completed, and any additional user material to be developed.

The change in date will have minimal impact on operations. We will be putting in place temporary paper-based reporting for incidents involving hazsubs, inspector powers and rural vegetation incidents from 1 July. Further information will be sent out shortly.


Fire permits

From 1 July 2017, Fire and Emergency New Zealand is responsible for issuing fire permits. The public are advised to check if a permit is needed to light a fire in the open air by visiting or calling 0800 658 628.



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