The FENZ Transition project has been set up to establish Fire and Emergency New Zealand, an amalgamation of the New Zealand Fire Service, the National Rural Fire Authority, 12 enlarged rural fire districts and 26 territorial authority rural fire authorities.

The project, through its workstreams, will set up a single, amalgamated organisation from 1 July 2017. Find out what’s changing and what’s not here.

Over the following four years, it will cement further changes to build a modern, nationwide service integrating what are currently separate urban, rural, volunteer and paid firefighting forces. The project will also set up local advisory committees to ensure Fire and Emergency New Zealand is linked strongly to the communities it serves and protects.


Board update – 15/03/2017

Mar 15, 2017

Fire and Emergency New Zealand – Progress towards 1 July 2017 We have made significant progress over the past eight months in anticipation of bringing over 14,000 people and 40...

Board Update – 02/03/17

Mar 02, 2017

February 2017 (An update from the February Board meeting) Since the last update we’ve seen a couple of major vegetation fires across the country, with the most serious in Hawke’s Bay...

Upcoming Key Milestones

Mar 02, 2017

We’ve been making significant progress towards Day One. There is still a large number of workshops and presentations between the team and sector representatives underway to finalise the work for...

What is Fire and Emergency New Zealand?

This slide-show provides an overview of Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

The FENZ Transition Project

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